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A good partnership and complementarity: the key to their success!

The world of video games is a mystery to many, but not to Alexandre Blanchet and Frédéric Bessette. They are the co-founders of No Deadlines, a video game creation company. They met at university and immediately became friends and partners in the creation of video games. During their studies, they kept extremely busy, participating in various projects and competitions. During this period, they developed a dozen games, in order to master various techniques and understand several different styles.

The decision to keep their jobs. . . or not?

With proper education and training, and having gained work experience on their own, they decided to work together again on a new project during their spare time. It was in the early fall of 2022 that they heard about CAE Rive-Nord. One thing led to another, and they ended up benefiting from the Stratégie jeunesse program. In January 2023, they took the plunge and decided to work full-time at No Deadlines.

“It all started with CAE Rive-Nord. They were the first to believe in us. The financial support we received enabled us to launch our business on a full-time basis. The support was great, well adapted and the whole process was very fast,” says Alexandre Blanchet.

Gear Up Einsten; a fabulous world!

Their Gear Up Einstein game is scheduled for release in 2025. It takes around four whole years to create a satisfying game, with several versions, tests and more tests before the final, glitch-free version is ready for people to play from the comfort of their own homes. Gear Up Einstein will be a strategic collaborative game, with games lasting around thirty minutes. According to the entrepreneurs, this segment of the gaming market was lacking in its offer.

The business partners are happy to have made the move to realize their dream, even if they face many challenges, including time-management issues. Judging from their company name, you can imagine that they prefer not to limit themselves in time, but rather to be led by precise objectives.

A great recognition from the outset

During the Québec international Catapulte program 2023, they were among the top five finalists, and ended up coming in second.

They want their company to be around for a long time, with the hopes of still making video games 20-30 years from now. They know they need to surround themselves with the right people to get there, cultivating contacts, helping each other out and getting involved in the various communities in their sector. They strive to keep an open mind and to never give up until they succeed.

We wish these two entrepreneurs all the best for the future.

**Catapulte program: a unique acceleration program dedicated to the success of independent video game studios in Quebec at the start of their entrepreneurial venture.



For gaming fans, Gear Up Einstein is a new roguelike auto-battler in which you and your friends take on the role of historical figures to defeat an invasion of sea monsters.

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