Circular economy: Recycling winter boat shrink wrap covers

CAE Rive-Nord and the SADC des Laurentides have joined forces to expand Synergie Économique Laurentides (SEL)’s orphan plastics recycling project. The component supported by CAE Rive-Nord and the SADC des Laurentides aims to keep winter boat shrink wrap covers out of landfills. The contribution of the two organizations will increase the scope of the SEL plastic recovery project and expand the collection territory.


Diverting boat covers from landfills requires extensive field work. Boat storage companies must be approached to change their practices. They need to be educated, equipped and supported. Recovered plastics must meet the recycling requirements in order to be recycled rather than landfilled, so they have to be classified. Finally, material storage and transportation to recyclers require logistics specific to each company or territory. This entire recycling chain is developed by the Synergie Économique Laurentides team, which has expertise in circular economy.


“Circular economy projects are essential for our region, and they are gradually being implemented thanks to the efforts made by the actors on the ground. It’s all about changing our habits, and it’s a long-term process. Synergie Économique Laurentides is paving the way for a new economy in the region and we are proud to contribute to this far-reaching project through our Virage Vert fund,” says Sylvie Bolduc, General Manager of the SADC des Laurentides.


“CAE Rive-Nord is proud to be part of this vast sustainable development movement and to ensure that this project takes place in our territory, thereby enabling us to recycle enormous quantities of plastics that would end up in landfill. CAE Rive-Nord is very pleased to work with Synergie Économique Laurentides and the SADC des Laurentides on recovering recyclable materials under the Virage Vert program,” says Marie-Pierre Guindon, General Director of CAE Rive-Nord.


Sustainable benefits for our region


Following a study conducted by SEL, the quantities of plastic covers that could potentially be diverted annually from landfills represent 40 tonnes, 28 tonnes of which are in the territory of CAE Rive-Nord and the SADC des Laurentides. Once reconditioned by recyclers, the material is used in the production of new covers. The circular economy at its best!


Tonnes of plastics recovered since 2017


This initiative is part of a major project to recover orphan plastics in the Laurentian region that started in 2017. The aim of this project is to develop recycling opportunities that will prevent problematic materials from going to landfill. It is estimated that 43.32 tonnes of flexible plastics have been diverted since the launch of this initiative.

Our partners in the project :


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