Setting new standards and going green… a priority for Gisèle Produits de beauté!

In September 2021, Érika Roy and her sister Jessica became the new owners of Gisèle Produits de beauté, a longstanding establishment in Saint-Jérôme, serving the community for more than sixty years.

Érika, who has a university degree in environmental management and who worked for several years in the construction industry, immediately saw an opportunity to make both the company and the building more environmentally friendly. She saw this as an impactful project where she could start with a beautiful blank canvas and where anything is possible! She aimed to elevate the company’s standards, aligning them with the environmental benchmarks set for 2024.

Beginning with Technical Assistance from the Virage Vert Program

Érika’s first mission was to improve energy efficiency. She submitted a proposal to CAE to minimize energy consumption and optimize efficiency as part of the Virage Vert Program. Several action items became a priority, especially as the new owners of Gisèle Produits de beauté wanted to quickly achieve the Green Circle Certification for hairdressing salons.

The first required changes have already been implemented, including replacing the oil-heated hot water tank by an electric one. They also plan to update the lighting system, create an enclosed entrance vestibule to minimize heat loss, and change the windows and ventilation system.

For Érika, the non-refundable technical assistance contribution from CAE for the Virage Vert Project provided an opportunity to collaborate with external professionals and plan the project from a fresh perspective. The firm’s modeling brings additional value to the project, and she is sincerely thankful for the assistance provided by CAE.


Continuous Improvements

Before receiving support from the Virage Vert Program, the sisters had already initiated a sustainable development process. In 2023, the company underwent a significant digital transformation, launching a transactional website. They also integrated sustainable development principles into human resources management to enhance relationships. Their objective is to establish a sustainable business model, encompassing sustainability across all aspects of the company, and ultimately achieve B Corp certification.

To bring their vision to life, significant investment and effort will be needed to solidify it in the years ahead. Once everything is set up, who knows if the sisters might not consider opening a second

Gisèle Produits de beauté location.


For more information, visit their website and connect with them on Facebook.

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