Sustainable Development

The Carbon Market :
A business opportunity for our entrepreneurs

The CAE Rive-Nord along with « Les Solutions Will » is participating in a pilot project on the carbon exchange. The goal of this project is to reward 10 businesses that have made significant efforts to reduce their production of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The objective is to allow businesses that are minor emitters to put a value on their GHG emission-reductions by validating and recording their efforts in order to acquire credits, which they can then sell on the voluntary carbon market.


Collaborating closely with your RCM, our organization takes on projects that correlate with other Laurentian industries. By organizing an index of waste products produced by these industries, we can match them to other industries that might benefit from using these products as raw material.

“Industrial symbiosis” creates a dynamic network that positively impacts participating businesses in terms of:

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